My resignation

Sébastien Maerten maerten.sebastien at
Tue Jul 13 04:11:13 PDT 2004

Ian Molton wrote:

> we need a release maintainer for stable, who should *dictate* what goes in (no harm in debating it but he should have the final word).

+1 for *dictate*. Maybe having a detailed roadmap / progress reports 
would help avoiding discussions. More "drastic" methods gcc-like would 
help too.

> unstable, by definition, cant have a release maintainer - it never 'releases' as such anyway.


> and I think the 'You didnt build by the book, go away' attitude doesnt work. There may be no practical advice available, but we can learn from the failure...

+1 here too. Maybe the "Your distro, your rules" should be changed too 
since LFS is not a distro and confusion is often done. On this subject, 
we could have an "official" lfs distro as a separated project, which 
would help keeping people (like Alexander) around.

Just my two (euro)cents.

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