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Tue Jul 13 05:12:18 PDT 2004

Am Dienstag, 13. Juli 2004 13:11 schrieb Sébastien Maerten:
> > and I think the 'You didnt build by the book, go away' attitude doesnt
> > work. There may be no practical advice available, but we can learn from
> > the failure...
> +1 here too. Maybe the "Your distro, your rules" should be changed too
> since LFS is not a distro and confusion is often done. On this subject,
> we could have an "official" lfs distro as a separated project, which
> would help keeping people (like Alexander) around.

Isn't this quite like it is done at Gentoo?
There is a community around the book describing how to build a Linux 
distribution - the official LFS distro. But the community should not be fixed 
on this book but may show alternatives. This might be in form of hints or 
even as seperate branches.
I like this idea, so I would vote for it too.

I think nearly everyone has devaited from book when building its own LFS. For 
example I have to smile when looking at the discussions about the bootscripts 
some time ago. I have my very own bootscript system which fits my needs much 
more than the LFS bootscripts.
So what to do with it? I donated it to the LFS community but you rejected it. 
No problem as I don't need any acknowledgements and accept your dicisions to 
use the current system. But this means that my system can only be maintained 
by me. I could publish it at my own homepage and write a hint for it but I 
got no time to do so.

With multiple branches we could save all the different ways of building LFS at 
one place, more developer could try some other ways and new ways could easily 
merged into the official book/distro when the community voted for it.

I especially think at lilo vs. grub, udev vs. and so on. Still 
remembering this:

PS: I'm still using lilo. ;-)
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