Divorce the 3 tiers [was Re: My resignation]

Matthias B. msbREMOVE-THIS at winterdrache.de
Tue Jul 13 15:07:33 PDT 2004

On Tue, 13 Jul 2004 16:06:11 -0400 Hui Zhou <zhouhui at wam.umd.edu> wrote:

> >In the LFS case, committers for unstable would be a superset of
> >committers for testing which would be a superset of committers for
> >stable.
> I even believe we should destroy this superset structures. The 
> different branch in LFS has intrisic conflicts in policy and 
> interests.

That's not true. The conflicts go only in one direction 
unstable->testing->stable.  A change appropriate for unstable may not be
appropriate for testing. A change appropriate for testing may not be
appropriate for stable. 

This does not go in the other direction. 
A change appropriate for stable is always appropriate for testing and a
change appropriate for testing is always appropriate for unstable (because
by definition everything is appropriate for unstable).

The superset relationship is useful, because it allows someone from stable
to fix typos and other things approved by the whole community on all
branches at the same time.

The idea that one of the stable editors could attempt to force stable
content on unstable, thereby "breaking" unstable is purely hypothetical.


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