Divorce the 3 tiers [was Re: My resignation]

Richard Rogers rprogers at seanet.com
Tue Jul 13 16:01:34 PDT 2004

On Wed Jul 14 01:07:33 MDT 2004, Matthias B. wrote:

> That's not true. The conflicts go only in one direction 
> unstable->testing->stable.  A change appropriate for unstable may not be
> appropriate for testing. A change appropriate for testing may not be
> appropriate for stable. 
> This does not go in the other direction. 
> A change appropriate for stable is always appropriate for testing and a
> change appropriate for testing is always appropriate for unstable (because
> by definition everything is appropriate for unstable).

That is not necessarily true. It is possible that the
"unstable" line of development could drop a package or
make some other incompatible change after the "testing"
or "stable" lines have descended from it. The changes
in testing or stable would not be relevant to unstable,
and merges (manual or automatic) into unstable won't work.

Communication and coordination so that everybody knows
what's going on on the branches relevant to them and
what that implies for their work is essential.

 - Richard

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