My resignation

Nathan Coulson conathan at
Tue Jul 13 17:50:50 PDT 2004

> jeremy at wrote:
>> I still do NOT understand what people have against IRC!!!!  There's no
>> communication medium where it's easier to talk things out.  And Matt, by
>> staying away from IRC, you're isolating yourself from a relatively large
>> contingent of the community.  I DO NOT like discussing things on Mailing
>> lists, because:
>> a) It takes too long to get feedback
>> b) active interaction sucks, so you can't get clarification
>> If the community wants to shut out IRC, let me know - I'll shut down the
>> IRC servers and we can go on about our merry way.

<snip nice meaningful argment, but long and already stated>

> Sorry for the long ramble.  Hope I did not offend or mis-represent
> anyone.  Just trying to help.
> James
> --

Speaking in defense of IRC, the bootscripts have alot to be thankful for
on the work of the people who usually reside in the #be-lfs channel.  [if
I want to get something done, it seems someone there knows how to do that,
sometimes even people willing to help me test things out].  It is a
powerful user base.  (Especially conversations that require many back and
forth communication to get a sense on what should be done).

When I have done some work on a major project like that, I attempt to
notify lfs-dev on the changes and get some wider feedback.

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