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jeremy at jeremy at
Tue Jul 13 18:28:45 PDT 2004

> Nathan Coulson wrote:
>> Speaking in defense of IRC, the bootscripts have alot to be thankful for
>> on the work of the people who usually reside in the #be-lfs channel.
>> [if
>> I want to get something done, it seems someone there knows how to do
>> that,
>> sometimes even people willing to help me test things out].  It is a
>> powerful user base.  (Especially conversations that require many back
>> and
>> forth communication to get a sense on what should be done).
>> When I have done some work on a major project like that, I attempt to
>> notify lfs-dev on the changes and get some wider feedback.
> I'm mostly a lurker on LFS (my main server is running LFS 4.1), but can
> say that I don't have anything against IRC as a technology and know that
> it makes rapid conversations easier, it's just that it doesn't have a log
> so nobody can look after the conversation has taken place to read how the
> decision was made and what the tradeoffs were.  Of course I realize that
> an
> IRC log would be tedious reading, but keeping one might resolve a lot of
> objections to it.
The ability is there to log things, except for one fact.  Most often,
there's about 4 or 5 different conversations happening at once.  IRC is
not for everyone, I'll admit.  But, my problem is, for those who, like me,
are most comfortable in that medium, allowances are not being made for
that fact.  With email, responses are not instant, disallowing any ability
for give and take, compromise, or anything, and making development take
MUCH longer than it should.  Matt's recent hiatus from coming on IRC is
quite inconvenient, because there's often things I need to discuss, and
can't, because HE'S not around for me to discuss them with.


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