svn-testing comments

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Tue Jul 13 22:26:13 PDT 2004

I just updated my copy of LFS to Version 6.0-testing-200407012 and 
briefly scanned it.  I offer these comments.


The Next description overflows the highlighting at both the top and 
bottom of the page.

The text in the section gives a short description of the individual 
bootscripts, but the scripts themselves are not in the book.  This is, 
IMO, a detriment.  I suggest that the scripts be listed in the book, 
without explanation other than embedded comments, as an Appendix.  This 
is especially important for a printed book where a reader is trying to 
understand the process without actually having a computer handy. (It 
does happen). 

Additionally the book should tell the user where the scripts are 
installed.  Right now, the scripts in /etc/rc.d/init.d and 
/etc/sysconfig are mixed together in the descriptions.


   This is a new package to a lot of people.  The description is way too 
short.  Who calls udev?  When is it called? How is it used?  The book 
goes to great lengths to explain the tool chain. This element needs to 
be explained too. As it stands right now, the book essentially says: "Do 
this--and magic occurs".

There are several references in the description to hotplug, but that is 
not in the book. What is hotplug?

The definition "udevdir=/dev" is not explained.

The contents of udev-config-2.permissions and udev-config-1.rules should 
be listed in an Appendix.



  The text contains: "Due to the experimental nature of the current 
book"... This needs to be updated.  Also, the location of this section 
in Chapter 5 is far too deep into the book.  It should be placed in 
either Chapter 1 or Chapter 2 *before* the user is instructed to create 
a new partition for LFS.

  Ther reference to Chapter 8's building of the kerenl is to 
lfs-book/chapter08/chapter08.html but should be to 

  -- Bruce

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