My resignation

Chris Lingard chris at
Wed Jul 14 07:19:51 PDT 2004

Zeplin wrote:

> Its come to my attention that my post with a solution was ignored, And
> when i asked for some kind of solution, All that could be talked about
> was irc. Great way to avoid real problems.
> Great way to increase the confidence in the current system.
> A true show of ignorance.
> A great show of wasting time.
> All this has boiled down to nothing. Nothing changes, No confidence is
> restored, And the Cycle begins again.

Because these is no solution yet.

If IRC is used, then a tiny group are making decisions; that most of us
have no say about.  And many people are left out.

If the mail list is used, then a lot of people complain about every

I am not too sure where the new book is any more.  The svn has not changed
for ages; was looking forward to iproute2 and things.

I detect from your tone that you are angry; everybody is.  But unless there
is some way, for people to discuss technical things, without it getting
bogged down with too many objections, progress is difficult.

I would still like to see a summary posted to hackers, so that those not on
IRC too much; can have their say


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