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Matthew Burgess matthew at
Wed Jul 14 09:24:42 PDT 2004

On Wed, 14 Jul 2004 00:26:13 -0500
Bruce Dubbs <bdubbs at> wrote:

> I just updated my copy of LFS to Version 6.0-testing-200407012 and 
> briefly scanned it.  I offer these comments.
> lfs-book/chapter07/bootscripts.html:
> The Next description overflows the highlighting at both the top and 
> bottom of the page.

I'll leave that one with Manuel :)
> The text in the section gives a short description of the individual 
> bootscripts, but the scripts themselves are not in the book.  This is,
> IMO, a detriment.  I suggest that the scripts be listed in the book, 
> without explanation other than embedded comments, as an Appendix. 
> This is especially important for a printed book where a reader is
> trying to understand the process without actually having a computer
> handy. (It does happen). 

Hmmmm, while I see your point, I'm not sure of how much of a maintenance
burden this will create.  I *think* we should just be able to keep a
copy of the bootscripts around and XInclude them into the Appendix. this where svn:externals come into play?

> Additionally the book should tell the user where the scripts are 
> installed.  Right now, the scripts in /etc/rc.d/init.d and 
> /etc/sysconfig are mixed together in the descriptions.

Added to the TODO.

> -----------
> lfs-book/chapter06/udev.html:
>    This is a new package to a lot of people.  The description is way
>    too short.  Who calls udev?  When is it called? How is it used? 
>    The book goes to great lengths to explain the tool chain. This
>    element needs to be explained too. As it stands right now, the book
>    essentially says:
>    "Do this--and magic occurs".

Right, this is Bug #853 and is partially solved by  I just need
someone who actually knows what they're talking about to neaten the
remaining points up. (Those marked by "QUESTION" and "FIXME" remarks).

> There are several references in the description to hotplug, but that
> is not in the book. What is hotplug?

This should be part of the explanatory text that goes in for bug #853

> The definition "udevdir=/dev" is not explained.

I'd *guess* it tells udev where to create the device nodes.  On
confirmation of this I'll add it to the book with the rest of #bug 853.

> The contents of udev-config-2.permissions and udev-config-1.rules
> should be listed in an Appendix.

Again, I'm concerned about the maintenance burden of doing this,
although I'm not certain that these will change very often at all.
> lfs-book/chapter05/hostreqs.html:
>   The text contains: "Due to the experimental nature of the current 
> book"... This needs to be updated.

Ouch - added to the TODO too.

> Also, the location of this section in Chapter 5 is far too deep into
> the book.  It should be placed in either Chapter 1 or Chapter 2
> *before* the user is instructed to create a new partition for LFS.

Agreed and added to the TODO.
>   Ther reference to Chapter 8's building of the kerenl is to 
> lfs-book/chapter08/chapter08.html but should be to 
> lfs-book/chapter08/kernel.html.

Thanks, I'll get around to that as well.

Bruce - I thought you'd resigned from your QA post now?  You've got a
funny way of showing it :)

Many thanks for your comments,


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