Please use bugzilla

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Wed Jul 14 09:34:39 PDT 2004


Whilst I appreciate everyone's comments regarding the book, in
particular the recent testing branch, I'm finding it increasingly
difficult to keep track of those suggestions.  Maybe it's down to my MUA
not allowing me to flag messages for "Follow-Up" or there's some other
part of my workflow thats not as effective as it should be.  However, I
really do think that such comments reflect bugs with the book, and are
therefore entirely suitable for having a bugzilla entry made for them. 
Could I therefore ask anyone that has submitted such a report within the
last few days, which hasn't been fixed yet, hasn't already got a
bugzilla entry, and hasn't got a related entry in the TODO file in
the subversion repository, to please file it in bugzilla.

Thanks in advance, and apologies for any inconvenience this may


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