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Wed Jul 14 11:17:05 PDT 2004

On Wed, 2004-07-14 at 18:06 +0100, Chris Lingard wrote:
> Nick Fotopoulos wrote:
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> > On Wed, 2004-07-14 at 15:19 +0100, Chris Lingard wrote:
> >> I would still like to see a summary posted to hackers, so that those not
> >> on IRC too much; can have their say
> >> 
> >> Chris
> >> 
> > 
> > Why doesn't anyone seem to be able to grasp the concept that unstable
> > was created to alleviate the burden of reporting everything the devs
> > did.  There is no "say" in unstable.  People make changes, and test out
> > new things, and sometimes there is not even IRC discussion about it.  If
> > you want to stay updated on that, then invest the some time and dive
> > right in.  There is no hand holding in unstable.
> Because there are, (or were), a lot of us, with no official title, and
> no way to make changes; except to suggest things on the lists.
> Are you saying that all strategy, design and so forth; are completely in
> the hands of these so called "devs"?  At least we could suggest things on
> previous issues of LFS.

Yes, it is completly in their hand in unstable.  There are no rules or
strategies, just a place to testing things, and share them with who ever
wants to look at them.  Just because something is added to unstable
doesn't mean it will end up in a book release.  Even if every unstable
contributer loved a certain addition, its still very possible that it
would not even make it to the testing branch, must less the stable.  If
you want to do something in the sand box then start working on becoming
an unstable dev.  No one said you can make suggestions, offer ideas for
one of the devs to experiment with.  Just that you should not expect to
be given status reports.  Again, *sigh* the community has control over
what goes into testing and stable.  Stop thinking of unstable as a book.
It will not be merged into testing the was testing will be merged into
stable.  Of course this had to happen initially to populate testing with
something.  If I understand things correctly any additions to testing in
the future will be discussed on the list and follow the traditional path
of being added.

Nick Fotopoulos

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