Book vs distro [Re: My resignation]

Sébastien Maerten maerten.sebastien at
Wed Jul 14 12:13:57 PDT 2004

Matthias B. wrote:


 > I guarantee you that unless this is stopped there will be a
 > back-to-the-roots movement in a not-so-distant future. Somebody is
 > going to write a new LFS book and it'll start with something like
 > this:
> "Unlike the LFS book, this book focuses on giving you a detailed knowledge
> of a how a Linux system works behind the scenes. For instance, instead of
> giving you complex pre-packaged boot scripts, it will teach you how to
> write your own boot scripts."

I think your predictions are right here. :(

IMHO the current book is a compromise between the "back-to-the-roots" 
and a distro. Nobody but me seems to be satisfied with it, and anytime 
the wind changes one important contributor leaves and discussions start.

That's why I proposed having both a book and a distro. The current book 
could evolve towards a more "how things work", with more text, less 
listings, maybe talk about functionalities and not about packages, while 
a new branch (or whatever) would carry on what's been started: configure 
the chosen packages, polish the boot, have a usable system. I'm not 
asking for either a Gentoo or for BLFS. I'm asking for a basic but 
polished system, you the one who could be the "recommended host" ;).

Both projects, book and distro would share knowledge, and surely, 
contributions, but contributors could have satisfaction in at least on 
of these.

In fact very few (I don't remember any) controversial contributions were 
technically wrong. Some of them were not suited to what it was decided 
the book is, but they were valuable, even hotplug discussion can't, IMHO 
be considered as an error.

I'm not going to do this (book/distro) myself, just want to give you 
some food for thought and I would greatly apreciate that any further 
discussion on this topic, if any, was constructive.

Thanks anybody for giving time to read this, if you feel this is noise, 
just ignore and accept my apologies.

> I'm really looking forward to reading this new LFS book.

I'm really looking forward to read anything coming from LFS :)

Seb, still in developement.

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