My resignation

zippo zippo752001 at
Wed Jul 14 12:41:44 PDT 2004

Although i am not a true member of the LFS development. I see all these other members resigning, And i try to stay up with the times. So therefor I to am resigning. Not that i don't like the books direction, or new things, but only to be cool and fit in. Although i do think it takes to much time to build LFS, and think someone should do it for me. That would be nice. And I also think that && should be added to the syntax, only when needed, it would be nice.  Also the book reading is kinda dry, i think funny and witty remarks should be added to it, about people that don't use linux. Also, Funny pictures of the people that write it should be included. ("J_Man in a nighty" i know i would read the book more). Also there should be more base configureing. The LFS book should take you to a useable Linux box. IE basic networking "static and dynamic" And /etc/issue, etc... I could go on forever, but my soup is done. It's Chicken and Noodle MY FAVORIT!!!. yeah. And i want to think you all for welcoming to the LFS development team. 					oppiz 

If linux doesn't have the answer, take sleeping pills.

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