My resignation

Ian Molton spyro at
Wed Jul 14 12:41:14 PDT 2004

On Wed, 14 Jul 2004 13:49:04 -0500
Dagmar d'Surreal <dagmar.wants at> wrote:

> > Why (badly) emulate the lists when they already exist and work well?
> Why ask this question?  I definitely didn't say what you're implying.

You appear to be suggesting ways to cover IRCs lack of (certain)
features compared to mailinglists. IMHO this is the worong approach. IRC
has useful real time features and little else. Mailinglists are almost
their polar opposite.

> > Why make everyone learn *another* communication system?
> If someone can't figure out IRC but yet thinks they're capable of
> system administration work, they should probably retake their seat
> next to the basketball-playing chicken.

I am well aware IRC has many more features than I know how to use. I
once was adept enough with them, but the knowledge has long been
forgotten. I dont see why I should feel stupid.

> > IRC logs are frequently illegible, and always full of dross
> > (chatter).
> (looks meaningfully at the mailing list archives)

you can roll up (even delete) threads, and most chatter is (drum roll)
in .chat

> > IRC has no hierarchical organisation.
> Nor has it ever needed one.

IRC hasnt but discussion for testing / etc requires one.

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