My resignation

jeremy at jeremy at
Wed Jul 14 13:10:30 PDT 2004

> The development of the package is going along nicely, you don't need my
> input.  Again, my problem isn't with the package itself, it's that
> there's nothing in the book that shows you how to make your own.  Even
> the blfs book now masks entirely the bootscripts, which again is fine in
> a sense, just not very educational.  I wouldn't mind if there was
> another book entirely devoted to bootscripts (*all* the various types)
> and how to set them up, customize, etc.

As of the last time I checked, there were no fewer than 2 hints for
alternate bootscript methods (BSD, runit), so the documentation is there. 
Plus, the bootscripts are pretty damn well commented, so it should NOT be
hard to modify them for your own uses.


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