Bootscript Future

Nathan Coulson conathan at
Wed Jul 14 15:28:30 PDT 2004

I noticed there have been some complaints about the current status of the
lfs-bootscripts with their position within the LFS Project, and I wish to
(hopefully) find out what we [The Bootscript Team (whoever's left)] can do
to help.

First off, I dont believe the scripts should be able to handle any
situation on their own, but can be extended to handle any situation.  To
that end, I am attempting not to fix user mistakes in customization, or
automatic detection of what should be done.  In the event I do correct a
user, I attempt to provide a warning message to the user.

Next, I am going to break up the scripts into their subsections, to give a
more individualized view [giving the users on this list a chance to
comment on key decisions].

a) I layed down a base set of policies which the scripts "should" follow
[that reminds me, I should wipe the 2.1 migration text now that it's in
the book].

b) Udev and Hotplug: I am not entirely satisfied with these scripts as of
yet, but they do work fine.   (Please note that the hotplug script is not
installed by default)

c) modules: This script provides automatic loading of modules at boottime.
 I would prefer alternatives to using this script, but I do not have any
better ideas at this current time.  Other then that, it is a great script

d) Networking: I am farely happy with the current state of the networking
system.  You can configure it through user customized files, which are run
by a script named in the SERVICE= line.  With the move to directory based
configuration, we can return to configuration by the name of the internet
interface, fixing a few scripts in BLFS.  Easly extended onto by adding
new user created service scripts [or blfs].

e) functions: bunch of functions used by all the scripts.  It does seem a
bit overbearing to new users at this time.

f) createfiles: when I had /tmp erased at shutdown, I wanted a way to make
sure that files/directories could be created at startup [Nice way to
populate /tmp, or /var/run].  Zack Winkles built this for me.  Since this
exists, it will help simplify some configuration in the BLFS book, or

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