Dead Patch Links...

jeremy at jeremy at
Wed Jul 14 19:00:30 PDT 2004

>> Well, to be honest I *thought* we had a script in place that
>> automatically scanned the book for links to patches and copied them to
>> the correct place.  Could Manuel, Tushar and anyone else that was
>> involved in the patcheslist.xsl stuff please confirm or deny the above?
>> Maybe we now *need* this as a post-commit script, instead of/as well as
>> a cron job?
>> Cheers,
>> Matt.
>> --
> First of all, I need to appologize... When I wrote that note, I was just
> off a BAD day at work... among other thigs...  Normally I wouldn't have
> let a thing like that twist me off, but..
> Also, J-man over on IRC explained the delay for me... Understanding why
> something happens helps to reduce the irritation caused by it.
> Now, that being said.  I feel that patch submission/update should happen
> at the same time/speed as page updates...
> I've encountered this a few times before, always when I try to build
> something right after the page has been updated and patches or config
> files have been updated/added.. (re: the two udev config files...)  I
> think that by the time the new instructions appear in the book, the tools
> (files) needed by it should be available as well.

Well, this is somewhat of a unique situation.  Normally, things like this
would only happen in the unstable branch, and usually only occur for a day
or so, until the patches maintainer can load the patches into the patches
project.  However, at this point we have last minute changes going
straight into testing, and also a case where the patches project
maintainer is unable to be as timely as we might like in adding patches to
the project.


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