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Zeplin zeps at
Wed Jul 14 21:15:24 PDT 2004

jeremy at wrote:
>>The development of the package is going along nicely, you don't need my
>>input.  Again, my problem isn't with the package itself, it's that
>>there's nothing in the book that shows you how to make your own.  Even
>>the blfs book now masks entirely the bootscripts, which again is fine in
>>a sense, just not very educational.  I wouldn't mind if there was
>>another book entirely devoted to bootscripts (*all* the various types)
>>and how to set them up, customize, etc.
> As of the last time I checked, there were no fewer than 2 hints for
> alternate bootscript methods (BSD, runit), so the documentation is there. 
> Plus, the bootscripts are pretty damn well commented, so it should NOT be
> hard to modify them for your own uses.
> -J-

How about showing a basic set of sysvinit scripts into the book, So that 
those who dont use the package can learn and make there own svsvinit 
scripts. Currently im unaware of the book a a hint that discribes how to 
create a basic set for svsvinit.

The book currently explains,
Run Levels
When Init is run
How to change run level
How to start and stop a script manually
How to stop a script running on startup

IMO, the following sbould be added
How a basic set of boot scripts would interact.
How the scripts are called from svsvinit
How the Template works
More about the /etc/inittab

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