Patches project: Allowing editors commit priviliges

Jeremy Utley jeremy at
Wed Jul 14 23:35:55 PDT 2004

Tushar Teredesai wrote:

> Hi:
> Since the patches need to committed along with commits to the books, 
> perhaps it would be better to implement the suggestion made by Greg 
> long time back of allowing editors commit priviliges to the patches 
> repository.
> Though, if this is implemented, I would request the editors to make 
> sure that the patches that the commit be compliant with the patch 
> submission guidelines.
> --Tushar.

This would be a good thing, I think, but it's entirely your call, IMHO.  
If this is what you want, I can add all current editors to the 
svnpatches group very easily.

Matt, what's your opinion?


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