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Archaic archaic at
Wed Jul 14 23:55:21 PDT 2004

On Wed, Jul 14, 2004 at 09:01:29PM +1000, Zeplin wrote:
> To polish a product, A structure is needed, OBviously the current isnt 
> working, look at the list of people who left. And the number of times 
> they have gone to forks or other projects, just to have there work 
> incorperated into LFS eventually anyway.

You are missing something. Many (if not all) of the people you cited
previously as leaving because the get flamed (BTW, Timothy and Jesse do
NOT fit that description) got the worst abuse on IRC. It was IRC that
allowed for the quick tempered exchanges that pissed people off so
badly. IRC is not some overly wonderful medium. At the present time,
it's usefulness is limited to appeasing a desire for speed. It brings
with it much baggage that its defendants are overlooking because they
want speed. Well, we got speed. And people are leaving in droves.

> ok, your turn to think about it, and get a solution, Not just repeat the 
> *irc* is to fast crap.

Is everyone on IRC this charming? If so, I wonder how LFS lasted as long
as it has. BTW, the solution you are waiting to hear, you refuse to
listen to. I've been around for 4 years, and historically, IRC was
intended as a support medium. Development was done by mail with people
stopping long enough to ponder the consequences of their decisions long
term. That would have saved a lot of tail-chasing WRT such things as


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