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Sébastien Maerten maerten.sebastien at
Thu Jul 15 06:17:52 PDT 2004

Matthias B. wrote:


> Maybe the unstable/testing/stable split was the wrong one. Maybe there
> should instead be a distro/education split. I have the feeling that the
> education/functionality conflict is the real conflict here and it has only
> disguised itself.

Unfortunately, nobody seem to mind this issue :(


> The functionality branch and the educational branch would probably share
> very little text. What they would share is the experience with building
> the packages, problems, support,...

Maybe even more radical:
	* A central repository for package-building instructions with a 
dedicated team to maintain it up to date.
	* A "Linux fondations" team producing the text for a purely educational 
book describing how a modern Linux system is built.
	* As many teams as desired, combining package-building instructions and 
modern system philosophy in the form of step by step guides explaining 
how to build a kind of system (developper, network, secure, desktop, 
minimal... ).

> MSB (who needs to stop daydreaming)

Ah! Daydreaming... ;)

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