Networking config

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Thu Jul 15 07:09:15 PDT 2004

Matthew Burgess wrote:

> Would you mind looking over the latest changes to the unstable & testing
> branches with regard to the networking stuff (chapter06/iproute2.html &
> chapter07/network.html) and related bootscripts to make sure a) They're
> both the same and b) They're both correct.  I think I've dealt with

(I've only looked at testing, I presume unstable has the same content)


iproute2 should be listed as "iproute2" everywhere, not a mixture of 
"IPRoute2", "IProute2", etc.

"contains programs for basic networking" -> "contains programs for basic 
and advanced IPV4-based networking"

The iproute2 patch is not in the patches download area at all as best I 
can tell, under any name.

The program removed by the patch is "arpd", not "arp".

Berkeley DB has been called SleepyCat DB for quite some time now... 
should we continue referring to it as Berkeley DB? Also, why is 
"Berkeley-DB" hyphenated?


Remove "eth0:1" as an example interface name, iproute2 does not support 
interface aliases.

Still shows NETMASK=24, needs to be PREFIX=24.

"equivalent NIC (Network Interface Card)" -> "interface"... an interface 
does not have to be a NIC (two instances in this paragraph)

GATEWAY: "comment out the variable entirely" -> "don't include the 
GATEWAY line in the configuration file"

under /etc/resolv.conf, why is "[Your Domain Name]" in curly braces? 
I've never used those in /etc/resolv.conf

there are two references to "your DNS", as if the user owns or has 
access to "a DNS"... this is poor wording. Instead, "your DNS" should be 
"your assigned DNS resolver". "of the DNS most appropriate for your 
setup" should be "of the DNS resolver assigned for your use".

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