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Randy McMurchy randy at
Thu Jul 15 13:31:46 PDT 2004

Matthew Burgess wrote:
> On Thu, 15 Jul 2004 07:09:15 -0700
> "Kevin P. Fleming" <kpfleming at> wrote:
>>Berkeley DB has been called SleepyCat DB for quite some time now... 
>>should we continue referring to it as Berkeley DB? Also, why is 
>>"Berkeley-DB" hyphenated?
> Well, I used the Berkeley name as that's what's in BLFS.  I thought it
> might confuse users if we mention SleepyCat DB and then point them to
> BLFS where they named it Berkeley DB.

I'm not sure Kevin is correct. Plastered all over the SleepyCat
web site is Berkeley DB. For now, I can't help but think BLFS
will continue to reference it as SleepyCat does: Berkeley DB.

Go to and see for yourself. For starters,
you'll see:



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