[rfc] use ext3 instead of ext2

Ronald Hummelink maillist at hummelink.xs4all.nl
Thu Jul 15 14:31:29 PDT 2004

Nathan Coulson wrote:

>>I'd *really* like this to go into 6.0.  Apologies for not mentioning it
>>before, but I completely forgot about it.  The basic justification for
>>this is it keeps us up-to-date with common usage & best-practice.  I
>>don't know why anyone would willingly want to use a non-journalling FS
>>vs. a journalling FS unless performance was absolutely critical over
>>data integrity (is there ever a need for that kind of trade-off?).  This
>>is actually quite a trivial change as far as the book instructions
>>go, although of course it is rather a fundamental one.
>>Unless this receives an overwhelmingly negative response I'll put the
>>changes in on Tuesday evening.  I'm away for a long weekend now, so it
>>gives you all a chance to contribute your thoughts on this without my
>>overseeing you :)
>I am not entirely sure about this, but this would mean we do not fsck / on
>bootup, right?
Not sure about ext3, I do agree the default should move to a journaled FS.

>If so, I would like to take out the line that mounts / readonly, then
>fsck's it.
Could check what type of FS is root, for example reiser doesn't need 
fscking but it should be mounted rw on boot to allow its integrated 
journal replay to run. (different fs, different demands, makes this all 
not easy to do proper :/ )

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