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Thu Jul 15 16:14:33 PDT 2004

On Thu, Jul 15, 2004 at 02:31:27PM -0600, Nathan Coulson wrote:
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> > I like the new network stuff as well.  I need to learn iproute2 now.
> in the past, it appears the LFS Project prefers to point to documentation
> over including it themselves.  (although I dont think there is a suitable
> location for such a link as of yet).  In the other packages included in
> the book, we usually dont say how they work and therefore it'll have to be
> mentioned in relationship to the bootscript configuration themselves
> if/when we provide more information.

This is one of the concerns many people have about the book hand
holding. The page (like all the rest) will have a list of programs that
are installed. A simple man [program] will do most of what one needs to
do. Otherwise, we would have been remiss all these years not having
links on every page to external (and redundant) information. Some
things, like the kernel, are obvious exceptions, so this is not meant as
an absolute.

> I do not believe much can be done before the LFS 6.0 release, unless we
> had more volunteers familiar with the bootscripts able to write some nice
> documentation on how to use some of the options, or to document how the
> functions in /etc/rc.d/init.d/functions work.
> BTW, if you notice things that do seem overly complex, just drop me a
> line.  If the scripts themselves are their documentation, it helps when
> they're readable.

I believe Matthias raised this concern. They have become quite complex
relative to the old 1.x scripts and I can definately see MSB's point.
However, I am not of a strong opinion on that. I will say I like the
2.0.5 scripts. But then again, I've been doing this for so long it's a
convenience to just do make install now. The very first set of scripts I
did were printed in the book and I wrote them out by hand. Then I
graduated to CnP. Then a package was made and we did a manual copy of
the dirs in the package. Now the current state of affairs. While I
definately enjoy the convenience, I do think I learned more doing it the
old fashioned way before packaged scripts.


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