[rfc] use ext3 instead of ext2

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at linuxfromscratch.org
Fri Jul 16 06:56:12 PDT 2004

Bryan Kadzban wrote:

> Yes, but the fsck finishes immediately even in the case of an unclean
> shutdown, right?  So what is it actually hurting to have it run?

Not during the first few boots, because I haven't installed xfsprogs 
yet, so there is no fsck.xfs (not even the dummy one that just exits 
with success). That's one downside of using a root filesystem that is 
not "by the book".

> If it doesn't exit quickly in the case of an unclean umount, then IMO
> XFS is hosed (or it needs a fsck tool that knows how to replay its
> journal)...

Actually, the only fsck.xfs that exists is a dummy program that just 
returns success so fsck itself can continue on. XFS' filesystem 
check/repair tool is called xfs_repair and is not frequently used.

> And ISTM that this ONLY applies to the root filesystem, right?  Other
> partitions honor the 0 0?  From a cursory look at the bootscripts, they
> should.

Yes, that is correct.

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