LFS-Book: Directory listing of installed files ?

Kev Buckley k.buckley at lancaster.ac.uk
Fri Jul 16 10:05:40 PDT 2004

Thanks for pulling LFS together.

Just thought I'd ask whether any thought had been given to providing a
directory listing of the files that one should have once a particular
version of the LFS is setup, perhaps as an Appendix to the Book.

I appreciate that there is an "index" but it is currently alphabetical
(as an index should be ?!) and doesn't provide any path info.

Having the path info might be more useful as a check than just a list,
as well as immediately highlighting changes between releases (stabe
and unstable) of the book and/or differences between a given default
install and the FHS (though I appreciate notes have been given with
respect to adhering to the latter).

As I say though, just a thought.


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