Testing - Chap 6 Glibc

Larry Lawrence larry at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Jul 18 07:15:44 PDT 2004

In June Bruce Dubbs wrote:

In the make check, I got two errors: wordexp-test.out and scanf4.out.  
Does this sound normal?

There is no pointer in the book where to see what errors others have 
found.  Its not on the wiki.  There needs to be better discussion in the 
book on how to handle these errors.

  -- Bruce

P.S.  Using Unstable CVS 20040615

There was no response on the mailing list and no changes to the book or
the wiki. Obviously the LFS editors know the answer to this.  The way I am
reading the book, the two errors above are not on the 'approved error'
list and I should not proceed.

Best that I have been able to find out, wordexp-test usually fails where
there is not /dev/null or /dev/console.  Since we install those
specifically, there appears to be more to this.


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