Testing - Chap 6 Glibc

Miguel Bazdresch lfs-01 at thewizardstower.org
Sun Jul 18 10:32:24 PDT 2004

* Larry Lawrence <larry at linuxfromscratch.org> [2004-07-18 16:43]:
> On Sun, 18 Jul 2004 17:19:46 +0200, Miguel Bazdresch wrote:
> It does work IF you have /dev/null and /dev/console.  The instructions
> create them and then destroys them with the very next instruction and none
> of the instructions after that created the /dev/null and /dev/console
> again on my build.  Problem number 1 for me is I have no idea how udev
> works, but the instructions imply the it's utilizing /sys to work and
> there is a null and console device in /sys. What was suppose to happen?

/dev/null and /dev/console need to be there physically for the kernel to
boot. You're right that they are overwritten (or hidden) when ramfs is
mounted on /dev. However, devstart should be creating them (along with a
bunch more devices) automatically.

Sorry I'm no expert and can't provide definitve answers here. In my

[/sys]$ find . -name console
[/sys]$ find . -name null

What I don't know is: does udev create /dev/{null,console} because of
those files in /sys, or automatically since those two devices are needed
to have a functioning system.

Miguel Bazdresch

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