Adjusting the toolchain - Chap 6

Larry Lawrence larry at
Sun Jul 18 11:03:04 PDT 2004

On Sun, 18 Jul 2004 19:34:36 +0200, Miguel Bazdresch wrote:

> * Larry Lawrence <larry at> [2004-07-18 17:14]:
>> This has been an issue before, but where is this chapter executed from.
>> The builder is in the chrooted environment.  It used to be possible to
>> move the source directorys into the chroot area, but it did not work
>> here, for some undetermined reason.
>> If this should be done outside the chroot, it needs to be stated in the
>> instructions, if done within, some notation needs to be made in chapter
>> 5.
> This needs to be done from outside chroot. Once inside, if your sources
> are not there, there's no way to find them.
> This is one of those points that the editors have decided the user has to
> figure out for himself, just like resolv.conf and others.

This is not equivalent to resolv.conf. That is a functionality issue, this
is a build issue.  Furthermore, the instruction's imply staying in the
chroot environment. It plays like a cruel joke.


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