Testing - Chap 6 Glibc

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Jul 18 22:12:11 PDT 2004

Ian Molton wrote:

> Thats the only thing thats made udev fail on me before. I think a patch
> to get udev to whinge when /sys isnt available is a good idea.

As I was replying to Larry I was thinking of another alternative: a 
"verbose" option for udevstart that would make it either (or both):

- list each device it has found in /sys and is passing to udev
- print some totals of devices found/nodes created/etc. when it finishes

Then the instructions at the beginning chapter 6 could have the user run 
"udevstart --verbose" and expect a minimum number of entries to get 
created. The only problem I know of with this idea (there could be many 
<G>) is that I don't know if udev returns any kind of status back to 
udevstart to signify whether it created a device node or not.

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