LFS6.0-unstable running!

Gerry Jacobs gerryjacobs at tiscali.be
Mon Jul 19 09:47:54 PDT 2004


today I installed the "unstable" lfs 6.0.
During the installation I made some typing errors myself but I could easily
correct them.
However, I think I encountered also some errors in the book itself:

1. Chapter 6. Creating directories
the var/tmp directories is created twice. The first time it's created, it
also gets some
special security rights. These are removed when it's created again.

2. Chapter 6. Shadow-
there was something about the location of the libshadow files.
When I did a "ldconfig -v" it showed me some errors.
However, it could be that it might be a mistake from me...

3. Chapter 6. Coreutils
The hostname program wasn't created on my pc ?
I corrected 2 Makefiles (program + doc).

just to let you know,


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