LFS Boot Cd

James Robertson jwrober at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Jul 22 09:28:43 PDT 2004

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
> On Thu, 2004-07-22 at 08:54 -0500, James Robertson wrote:
>>I would be interested in the CD if it also included libXML2, cURL, 
>>OpenSSL and nALFS (nALFS 1.2.4 utilizes all those three packages) with 
>>at least the LFS-5.1.1-4 profile on it.
> That's a possibility. I hadn't thought of nALFS.
>>I would also be interested in 
>>seeing the console only version having a 2.6.x kernel (maybe selectable 
>>at boottime?).
> Definitely.  That'll probably be next.
>>Are you using a framebuffer console?
> Yup, with the framebuffer driver for Vesa so you can set the video to
> 1024x768 if your hardware supports it and you're so inclined. I usually
> am. ;)

Some hardware can only handle 800x600, so this should also be a pick as 
well if possible.

>>Did you add TCL, 
>>Expect and DejaGNU?  That would make a nice build cd.  
> No. For testing purposes in the first pass of binutils, gcc & glibc?
> I suppose I could...

I was thinking for the testing team to be able to use a fully functional 
test boot cd with nALFS for automation and the test suite available as 
well, yes.  That would be awesome.

>>I don't need X. 
>>I think FluxBox is a nice low hardware requirement X window manager.
> Thanks, I'll check out Fluxbox.  The X system will probably be a bit
> later, mainly hoping to make that version for ease of reading &
> compiling at the same time, and for cut & paste.

Jeremy U is good at this X stuff.  You might ask him.

> Thank you!


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