CCFS? (Car Computer From Scratch)

Brian Beattie beattie at
Thu Jul 22 09:36:01 PDT 2004

I'm planning (hardware to arrive tomorrow) to build a "car-computer"
based on LFS.  My plann is to create a set of "directions" like the LFS
book, that will use the existing book (Step 1: follow chapters 1 through
5 of the LFS book,  Step 2: ..., Step 3: Read chapter # sections on
foo_bar and frobazz ... etc. )  My thought is that this might be a good
example of LFS in an embedded computer.

It will be a cross build, i.e. the complation and build machine is not
the same as the target.

The "car-computer" will have mapping and GPS software, probably
gpsdrive, also, CD, MP3 and Ogg play, maybe DVD/video play/record,
rear-view camera and eventually data collection.

I am open to questions and suggestions.

Is there a quide/template for creating the LFS book that I could

lillput 7" wide screen VGA (800x480) monitor/touchscreen.
VIA EPIA MII-1000 mother board.
256 MB memory.
12v PS.
auto power sequencer.
CD/RW-DVD drive.
2.5" HD, CF boot.
Web CAM.
GARMIN eTrex GPS receiver.
data collection hadware TBD.
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