Testing the LFS-6.0-testing-200407020...

Kris van Rens krisvanrens at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 22 10:21:36 PDT 2004


Last week ik started building the LFS-testing branch
but almost all make check's in ch6 were producing

So I decided to start overnew, this time with

I have a laptop; P4 2GHz, 256MB ram, and a 40GB hdd.
I've had LFS on it for a while now and I wanted to do
an upgrade. Because I can't wait for LFS-6.0 why not
test it myself?

A few programs I could not find; cause I only have
access to the internet behind a firewall at work. I'm

Automake-1.8.4  instead of:  Automake-1.8.5
Grep-2.5        instead of:  Grep-2.5.1
Less-381        instead of:  Less-382

That should not be a problem. I'm building the new LFS
from my 'rescue startup' a LFS-5.0 system, with
kernel-2.6.7 running. For so far the environment.

In chapter 5 in the Glibc make check; the procedure
aborts with a time-out error (tst-leaks.out). It can
be harmless; but should only occur on older hardware

I'm now continueing the build but I had this problem
on the previous build too...(last week) And then in
chapter 6 everything seems to be badly build.

Any suggestions? I'll keep you up to date,


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