Tested - Latest unstable - All seems ok

lfs at jrknierim.de lfs at jrknierim.de
Fri Jul 23 01:02:01 PDT 2004

Hello everyone,

Just a quick feedback.  I have been building quite a few test systems of
the latest unstable from 20040719 and 20040722, and I have not found
any build problems.  The systems were 2.5Ghz Celeron and dual 333Mhz

The only little nitpick I could find follows:

Chapter 7.  "How work these bootscripts?"

The title is not so 100% ok, maybe "How do these bootscripts work?" or
maybe "How the bootscripts work".

Thanks again for the great work.

Justin R. Knierim
lfs at jrknierim dot de

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