LFS Boot Cd

jeremy at jutley.org jeremy at jutley.org
Sat Jul 24 00:57:35 PDT 2004

> On Thu, 2004-07-22 at 12:28 -0500, James Robertson wrote:
>> Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
>> > Okay, working on it. Just finished compiling the 2.6.7 kernel.  I'll
>> > test it and then look at the other packages you mentioned.  If you
>> don't
>> > mind helping me test this cd, I'd really appreciate it.  I could use
>> > some input from someone with different machines (and a different
>> > perspective.)
>> Yea, I'll test when you get that stuff on it.  I have lots of hardware
>> types to test on.
> Hi James,
> I've added the packages you requested and both the stable and unstable
> nALFS profiles.  Those are both located in /root/profiles.  I put them
> there so they can be writable as /root is mounted on a ramdisk along
> with a few other directories.
> Let me know what you think, please.  That goes for anyone else who tries
> this cd out... ;)  I'm sure that there will need to be some adjustments
> with the kernels, and perhaps a few other things.
> You can find the iso here:
> http://www.jenacon.net/bootcd/
> For obvious reasons, I'd prefer that anyone downloading this use the bz2
> file if at all possible, but I left the unzipped iso there, too, if you
> really need that.
> A 350 MB iso and 200 MB zipped - not bad, I'd say!
> BTW, if this cd actually becomes useful to a number of people, I
> wouldn't mind some help hosting it, if anyone out there has some
> bandwidth they'd like to kill :) I don't really have a whole lot to
> spare.

Jeremy -

If you want some tips on things that I found useful to include on a
bootcd, go have a peek at my old bootcd page:


For myself, the most important things to have on a boot cd are:

All network cards compiled as modules
The ability to connect to a network no matter what type of connectivity
(If you notice, my CD has DHCPCD, PPP, RP-PPPoE all on it)
A 2.6 kernel compiled with GCC 3.x (to support nptl)
nALFS and svn clients
X, a minimal WM (I chose fluxbox), and a web browser (I chose firefox)
USB HID support
An IRC client (for those inevitable times when you have problems and need
to get some help quick).

I keep saying I'm going to build a new bootcd, but haven't yet gotten
around to it.  I'll give you a tip I found - to support the widest range
of X setups, use the vesa X driver, and compile vesafb support in the
kernel - almost every video card known to man supports vesafb.

If you need tips, check with myself or Chris Lingard - both of us have
some experience with setting up bootcd's.


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