LFS Boot Cd

James Robertson jwrober at linuxfromscratch.org
Sat Jul 24 13:13:21 PDT 2004

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
> Hi James,
> I've added the packages you requested and both the stable and unstable
> nALFS profiles.  Those are both located in /root/profiles.  I put them
> there so they can be writable as /root is mounted on a ramdisk along
> with a few other directories.
> Let me know what you think, please.  That goes for anyone else who tries
> this cd out... ;)  I'm sure that there will need to be some adjustments
> with the kernels, and perhaps a few other things.
> You can find the iso here:
> http://www.jenacon.net/bootcd/
> For obvious reasons, I'd prefer that anyone downloading this use the bz2
> file if at all possible, but I left the unzipped iso there, too, if you
> really need that.
> A 350 MB iso and 200 MB zipped - not bad, I'd say!
> BTW, if this cd actually becomes useful to a number of people, I
> wouldn't mind some help hosting it, if anyone out there has some
> bandwidth they'd like to kill :) I don't really have a whole lot to
> spare.

Hi Jeremy H.

That looks great.  I am at home now, so I will download while at work 
next week and test it out for you.  I also ready J_Man's posts for 
things to think about.  Those all sound great to me.  I only need/want a 
console based CD, but can easily see where other folks would something more.

A thought for everyone?  Do the three boot cd gurus (Jeremy H, J_Man and 
Chris Lingard) want to go in together and build an "Official LFS boot 
cd"?  All three have their niceties.  If we combine forces, I'll be that 
we can come up with a very nice one that fits 90% of everyone's needs. 
If we have one one official cd, then I'll bet the ftp mirrors would not 
mind hosting it.  Just a thought.  Also - Jeremy H - How is your build 
process?  If you automate it, it would be a piece of cake to keep it up 
to date as things and time goes by.  Not trying to volunteer anyone, 
just thinking out loud (so to speak).  I can be a tester, I have tons of 
hardware types to try it out on (desktops, laptops, and servers)


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