new project: Hive

Timothy Bauscher timothy at
Sat Jul 24 15:39:41 PDT 2004

Hey guys, remember me?

I am emailing the list about a new project called Hive. This is neither
the way nor the time that I had planned, but it needs to be done before
public opinion about Hive is shaped by controling members of your IRC
channels rather than by your own personal experience.

This is our mission statement, written in hive style:

Hive is a bunch of people who are doing whatever they want to do within
one shared XML syntax. Every profile gets a place in Hive's repository as
long as it shares the syntax. There are tools available to render or automate
profiles, but you can write new tools to do whatever you want. Hive is your
playground. As long as you don't mess with the way Hive works, you'll be

Hive is more than a fork of LFS. It can hold forks of LFS and new projects
that might not have anything to do with Linux at all.

The following people are involved with Hive:

o Roel Neefs
o Zack Winkles
o Timothy Bauscher

The XML in our profiles is custom and simple to write.

The same XML source can be used to transform a profile into HTML or shell
scripts by our own program. A lot of work still needs to be done, such as the
addition of some new tags to the "unstable" profile, an ncurses interface which
combines automation and documentation (an executable book) and a re-invention
of XSL which should make it easy to create templates that can transform our XML
into things like makefiles and nalfs profiles.

You can find html renders of hive profiles here:

Hive uses SVN at the moment, but we might change to bitkeeper soon, especially
if it keeps crashing:
svn co svn://

We're using the ecartis mailing list manager. You can subscribe to our mailing
list by sending an email to ecartis at Put "subscribe hive-discuss"
in the subject of your message.

The mailing list of course, then, is hive-discuss at

We're also on IRC, though we're not so friendly there:  #hive

I am sure that some of you will like hive.
I hope that those who don't will just let us play.


-*- "Share and Enjoy" || "Go stick your head in a pig" -*-

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