Notes on LFS-6.0-testing

Gabriel McManus gmcmanus at
Sat Jul 24 20:42:25 PDT 2004

I completed the 6.0-testing-200407014 release last week, to general
success. I have a few notes on the build.

A. I encountered two platform specific problems. I was building on an
i586-pc-linux-gnu (AMD K6-III):

1. glibc test suite failure - tst-clock2
According to this test
suite failure is to be expected on i[345]86s. Maybe a note on this
should be in the book. (It also mentions a possible fix - defining
_POSIX_CPUTIME to 0 on these platforms. I'm not sure what this means,
but the macro is discussed at

2. bison-1.875a appears to have a bug on some platforms: it produces a
segmentation fault if there is no semi-colon after the last rule.  This
was revealed on test #105 of the bison test suite.  This bug is
discussed, and a patch provided for, at I
didn't try the patch, but instead upgraded to bison-1.875d (from This fixed the problem, and all test suite checks

B. `hostname' isn't moved to /bin for coreutils, as mandated by FHS.
Also, the coreutils program installation list in the book includes `su'
and `uptime'. I thought they were suppressed by the patch?

C. When configuring the e2fsprogs-1.35 build, it searches $PATH for a
non-GNU `ld'. Since the only ld's we have are GNU, it wrongly uses the
last found ld -- that is, /tools/bin/ld! In practice, this isn't a
problem because configure doesn't substitute @LD@ in any files, but it
can be fixed by using the --with-gnu-ld configure option.

D. I used diffutils-2.8.7 from with the LFS
diffutils-2.8.4-sdiff-2.patch, and patch-2.5.9 from They seem to work fine.

Thanks for such a great book,
Gabriel McManus

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