new project: Hive

Jim Gifford lfs at
Sun Jul 25 11:46:00 PDT 2004

If you want to go to project where, all they care about is making bots on
IRC, that's the project to go to.

A project where they ignore the fellow contributor's, it's the project to go

Project where attacking your fellow contributor is an acceptable solution to
the problem, it's the project to go to.

Project that has no direction what so every, it's the project to go to.

How do I know it, they recruited myself, when I pissed off here at LFS, but
now I'm back in LFS, because it's the beginning of this fork.
I was there for a few weeks, and there was no progress at all. No this is
not the reason I left LFS, most of you know why I left, and no it wasn't
Alex, it was a combination of things.

This is my opinion and not neccessarily the opinion of others. If you have
gripe with my opinion, remember it's my opinion, grow up.

I have rejoined LFS with a rejuvanted outlook on this project to make to the
successful project that spawned my interest several years ago.

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lfs at

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Proud to be back

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