A sad day indeed

zippo zippo752001 at comcast.net
Sun Jul 25 12:24:15 PDT 2004

I am here to show you all what just happened. As some of you know, i was a OP in #lfs-support, and #be-lfs for several months. Today i was ejected. Why you ask? Because i wasn't willing to condemn a man, and then said i was going to show the LFS people what happened. This log has no been tampered nor changed. It's price was my ejection from the LFS project. Weather this gets my ban removed, or anything i just want you all to see what has become. 

<oppiz> hello
<Ronald> i've heard some rumours
<oppiz> rumours are bad
<Ronald> i agree
<Ronald> and they are about the hive project
<oppiz> YES i am a troll in the #hive room, no i am not a active member
of hive
<oppiz> answer everything/
<oppiz> ?
<Ronald> not quite
<Ronald> why did you remove the bans on roel and zack
<oppiz> Because i find the ban on roel a unjust one, and i didn't remove
zack he had several bans on him
<Ronald> it is not up to you to decide wether roels ban is justified
<Ronald> and you did remove a zack ban, namely the one I put, it is in
bugz logs.
<Ronald> why did you do that
<oppiz> yes there are 4 other that keep him out
<Ronald> there were no bans left whatsoever
<oppiz> in #lfs-support or #belfs?
<Ronald> do I look like an op in be-lfs?
<oppiz> that and zack has no wants to return
<Ronald> Stop toying, start answering
<oppiz> ban or not, he's not comen back
<Ronald> If i put a ban i have a reason for that
<Ronald> how do you know so sure, he came back to troll
<oppiz> Jeremy infomred me of, this, and i sence have not removed any
<Ronald> don't avoid the question
<oppiz> i removed them because i saw no need for them. BUt i guess i was
wrong, and as i said jeremy talked to me about it
<sash> zippo, never remove a ban set by another @ without asking their
* oppiz didn't know that
<Ronald> back to the main issue
<Ronald> What is your stance on zacks actions?
<oppiz> I know of what he did, i have no stance on other peoples actions
<oppiz> that is between zack and jeremy
<Ronald> its not
<oppiz> i take it we are talking about the hack, or the fork/
<Ronald> I have made that clear in my mail in reply to timothy
<Ronald> hack
<Ronald> fork i care less
<oppiz> I had nothing todo with it
<Ronald> i care for supporting or condemning zack, there is no in
between on criminal actions.
<Ronald> so I ask again
<Ronald> what is your stance on zack
<oppiz> my stance is that zack is a friend of sorts, and so are alot of
people here, I had nothing todo with the hack, didn't know it happened
till after is happened
<Ronald> i've send people their way for supporting zack
<oppiz> i'm not supporting him
<Ronald> oh, thats very interesting
<sash> zippo, the issue is that winkie endangered the LFS project when
he hacked Jeremy's server
<sash> and if someone still chooses to be friends with him they will not
be an op in #lfs-support anymore
<Ronald> Care to explain to me how hanging out at the hive project is
/condemning/ zacks actions?
<sash> he broke the law
<sash> he endangered this project
<sash> a fork is one thing
<sash> a hack is another thing
<oppiz> am i zack? do i controll zack? did i tell him or ask him, or
give him means todo it? I do not condem him nor support him, i am simply
a passer by.
<Ronald> he endangered the machines of innocent users of LFS
<Ronald> oppiz: there is no in between on criminal actions.
<Ronald> multiple choice:
<Ronald> 1) I condemn zack winkles actions
<Ronald> 2) i do not
<oppiz> I do no agree with his actions, or the method in which he did,
it, but i will not condemn him
<Ronald> very well
<Ronald> you will for that no longer have ops in #lfs-support
<oppiz> i think all of this chat is a sad thing
<oppiz> reminds me of the gostopo
<oppiz> Ronald you are truely a sad man for what you just did
<Ronald> you think so?
<oppiz> and i will make sure the hole LFS see's that
<Ronald> are you threatening us?
<oppiz> have i ever?
<Ronald> it seems you just did
<oppiz> for not comdemning someone who you condemn?
<Ronald> <oppiz> and i will make sure the hole LFS see's that
<Ronald> how am i supposed to look at that if its not a threat
<oppiz> i have ever intention of letting every LFS member see what was
said and done here
<Ronald> ok
<Ronald> You are no longer welcome. i have nothing further to say. You
have made your choice, and this is the consequence.
<oppiz> But i say, you toke something you had no right to take, for some
reason you justified to yourself, because i wouldn't condemn a man for
his actions to someone else
<Ronald> listen very carefully
<Ronald> zacks actions endangered /me/ since I use jeremy's server and
downloads from it.
<Ronald> and not just me
<Ronald> no
<Ronald> but you can control your own actions
<oppiz> i have done nothing
<oppiz> to noone 
<Ronald> and you choose to stay friends with someone who thinks criminal
actions, endangering many users in the process.
<oppiz> my ops is one thing, but to ban me?
<Ronald> yes
<Ronald> for treatening, as the kick message says
<oppiz> i have never threatened anyone
<Ronald> you did
<Ronald> you treatened to make this conversation public
<oppiz> no i am showing the LFS people why it is i lost my ops
<oppiz> because i disagree with it, and there is no other party to take
it to
<Ronald> The IRC server admin, and if not him Matthew, the project
<Ronald> have fun
<oppiz> indeed
<-- Ronald (ronald at hummelink.xs4all.nl) has left #secretgarden ("Client
<sash> zippo, Ronald is the founder of #lfs-support
<oppiz> he is a fool
<sash> no he's not
<sash> he's an honorable man
<sash> i'm sorry you don't see that
<oppiz> i just was banned from the #lfs-support room
<oppiz> for what
<oppiz> not condemning zack
<sash> no
<sash> for your threat
<-- sash (sash at pcp960729pcs.bechgr01.in.comcast.net) has left
#secretgarden ("Leaving")

For that i was removed. Sad, let me know what you think. 

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