A sad day indeed

zeps at ihug.com.au zeps at ihug.com.au
Sun Jul 25 16:08:19 PDT 2004

True it is, A lot of people are being removed for association with the 
hive project. And the only explination thats been offered so far is 
because of the actions of Zack.

Its like nuking a city because 1 guy did the wrong thing.
Ive have left #lfs-support, I belive the aproach taken by Ronald 
removing anyone who had or has associations with Hive or Zack, Is 
completly the wrong way to go. Especilly if you dont want them to join 
the fork.
Were else are they going to go?

Regarding what Zack has suposidly done, So far the owner of the machine 
has taken no legal actions. Makes me wonder how seriously he is actually 
taking it, Compared to Ronald.
Besides, "on your honer" security models get riped apart in legal 

In any case, Im sure we can expect some users in lfs-support who show 
the same attitude as zippo to be baned. Especilly if they post the chat 
session they had with Ronald. To bad zippo had the idea first, Or id 
have posted many a chat, Regarding silly nit-picking interigations like 


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