killproc arguments

Nathan Coulson conathan at
Sun Jul 25 21:40:15 PDT 2004

> Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
>> Any reason not to use:
>> if [ -z "$PIDFILE" -o -z "$#" ]
>> Using || here will probably work, but it's using an arithmetic operator
>> where a logical operator makes more sense.
> First idea that poped into my head....didn't take the time to do it
> right, just wanted to get something to look at.  But now I have the
> time.  Also, the above makes reloadproc's arguments inconsistant.  It'd
> still work as is, just not the same.  I'll actually test before next
> suggestion. :-)
> Thanks Kevin.
> -- DJ Lucas
> --

so, think we should keep with the PIDFILE=/var/run/[progname] killproc
[progname] then?

I like the idea of making sure the actual file is terminated, by the
program name in the end [we only got the problem trying to kill it].

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