killproc arguments

DJ Lucas dj at
Mon Jul 26 22:55:40 PDT 2004

Nathan Coulson wrote:

> so, think we should keep with the PIDFILE=/var/run/[progname] killproc
> [progname] then?
> I like the idea of making sure the actual file is terminated, by the
> program name in the end [we only got the problem trying to kill it].

Yep.  If somebody configured the package wrong and PIDFILE is not set in 
the init script, not a should've been set correctly.  The 
existing testcase was left alone for now.

Now, a finished idea.  See attached (and locally tested) patch.

n/a - July 27, 2004

         * Moved PIDFILE tests into getpids

         * Removed signal arguments from killproc and reloadproc 
funtions.  Now default
           signals are set at the top of functions and can be overridden 
in the individual
           init scripts by setting the variables STOPSIG, FALLBACK, and 

-- DJ Lucas
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