A blast from the past

Greg Schafer gschafer at zip.com.au
Wed Jul 28 00:01:23 PDT 2004

Hi Guys

No, I'm not back.

Just a little "hello" ....

and a big fat "I told you so!" :-) Reread my parting post from exactly 6
months ago in the context of recent events and you'll see what I mean :-)


Anyway, I'm not here to dis on LFS, just to advise I'm starting a new
project - inspired by LFS but aimed at the more technical user and with a
mostly different set of goals. It won't be a shameless fork like some of the
other efforts I've seen recently, but rather a new effort from the ground
up. LFS development will be able to benefit by drawing from the new project
so I'm using that fact as my excuse for the ontopicness of this post :-)

If anyone's interested, contact me. No followups to this list please. I'll
report back here if/when the new project gets off the ground.


PS - IMHO the build method is showing signs of fragility.. exposed by latest
packages when coming from older hosts. I've recently done some work on
robustifying the build to make it pretty much bullet proof. This of course
will be part of the new project.

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