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Gerard Beekmans gerard at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Jul 28 14:32:38 PDT 2004

Hi guys,

It has come to my attention in recent weeks that there have been
issues within the LFS community that need my attention.  I think most
of you will agree that for quite some time now things within this
project have been deteriorating steadily.  Valuable people have left,
or are considering leaving the project for a multitude of reasons -
primarily because of the hostile and volatile atmosphere.   I can't
say I blame them for wanting to do so either.  The animosity,
bickering, flame wars, and other issues have gotten to a point where
the project has become an unpleasant place to be part of. Many have
given up already.

I did not put nearly six years into LFS just to see it fall apart at
the seams. None of us did. So, instead of seeing our hard work go down
the drain, something needs to happen. When certain changes were
implemented several months ago, I was hopeful that it would be
beneficial to the project. The idea was that things could move forward
without waiting on my final approval all the time because my free time
was scattered and I couldn't devote enough time to LFS anymore. On the
plus side, this has resulted in fairly regular releases and continued

It hasn't fully worked out, though, which is why things will be
changing now. In light of feedback I have received recently and
certain changes here at home, I will be taking an active leadership
role again effective immediately, and will strive to fix all the
problems we seem to be having.  One way or another.

One of the ongoing challenges within LFS lately is the community. What
once used to be a friendly LFS community is going down hill and it
won't be long before it hits rock bottom (some of you would argue it
already has). A project like LFS stands and falls with a community
like ours behind it, or lack thereof. This begins with being civil to
each other and to the general public.

People with strong technical abilities are a good thing to have on a
project like this, but they are not our primary asset. Being a team
player is much more important in the long run. If people can't work
within the team, accept constructive criticism, and in general cease
being rude, it does not matter what technical abilities they bring.
LFS is a team effort, not a solo mission, and those people have no
business being part of LFS any longer.

The one thing that must immediately change is the general atmosphere
around here. Just because you don't agree with something and because
you think you are right and the rest of the world is wrong, does not
give you the right to act with a "holier than thou" attitude. The one
thing worse than this is when people are made to feel stupid for
whatever reason. I have seen it too often where people think they have
a good idea, suggest it on the list, and are shot down and basically
told to go away because their ideas weren't good enough. Oh, it isn't
always bluntly put like that. Some people have mastered the art of
subtlety, bordering on ambiguity, and hide behind a mask of "it came
out wrong". But if you read in between the lines, it still comes down
to it and everybody knows it.

It has to stop. It is simply ridiculous and childish. It is totally
unacceptable and it must stop. Now. Those who cannot change their
attitudes, know where the door is. I'll be happy to show you the way
if I have to. Interesting timing on Greg Schafer's part with his email
from today. If people can't work within the LFS team anymore, there
seem to be plenty other projects out there to try out.

Think about this hard for a while and see what this means for
yourself.  I'm not going to point fingers in public. The people guilty
of creating the current atmosphere know who they are.  Consider this
your last chance to clean up your act or make a graceful exit while
you still have that option.  Behavior like this will no longer be
tolerated, and multiple warnings are a thing of the past.  Members of
our community will be treated with respect, or the offending party
will be gone.  End of discussion.  This is not open to debate or
interpretation.  The LFS community will be a friendly and active forum
once again, with or without the current enrollment.  The choice is

Gerard Beekmans

/* If Linux doesn't have the solution, you have the wrong problem */

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