Ryan.Oliver at Ryan.Oliver at
Wed Jul 28 16:50:47 PDT 2004

Greetings all,

Since it seems everyone is rolling up to the lists to announce new
LFS-ish projects I thought I'd add to the list.

For those not following -hackers, myself and fellow hacker Finn Thain
have been hammering away for a fair while now on a full cross-build
replacement for the ch5 toolchain build method.

The build method has predominately been tested so far from
i686-pc-linux-gnu (with a few builds from sparc-sun-solaris2.9, that
needs more work) to other architectures.

Features of note:
 o Cross tools built are tls-enabled
 o Build method will work for gcc's prior to 3.3.3
   (does not utilise --with-sysroot so capable of building older
    cross-toolchains )
 o bootstraps glibc-2.3.x with linuxthreads or NPTL from _nothing_
 o caters for uni-arch and bi-arch builds
   (linker search paths get setup correctly, startfile correctly follow
   multilib settings, kernel asm header stubs setup correctly )

This is for both the cross-tools themselves, and the target-native
tools themselves.

 o does not care _whatsoever_ what kernel you are running on the host.
   If its got a shell and a compiler, its a potential build candidate.

Anyhoo, anyone interested in having a hack scripts are under my homedir

Current scripts will be updated today or tomorrow.

People with x86_64's (or ppc64's) will probably want to take a look ;-)


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