Ryan.Oliver at Ryan.Oliver at
Wed Jul 28 21:59:34 PDT 2004

Brian Beattie wrote:
> Am I correct that this is a set of scripts, as opposed to a book?

Yep, just scripts ( /me and doco dont get on very well ), though there
are plenty of comments...

> I would really like to see a book just like the LFS book for doing a
> cross build.

That is the eventual aim.... But I'm no wordsmith ;-)

You probably couldn't do a generic book however, you would want to be
able to render a book based on the desired target arch and the host
you are building on, otherwise it would be very messy (look at how many
conditionals are in the scripts... )

> I have just started working from a version of these scripts to
> produce the text for such a book (no actual words just yet).

The scripts currently up should be OK, but note there are newer ones.
I'm just putting the final touches on some more, which include initial
chapter 6 toolchain and most of the other packages... need to update
some parts to reflect current book instructions...

Also need to get more coreutils binaries/symlinks in the target-root
filesystem so the bootscripts work... (at the present you have to hack
about a bit after booting into the cross-built ch5 to setup things
manually )

Producing text? You are well ahead of me mate ;-)

I haven't found anybody to offload the doco onto this time :-P
(Finn hates writing doco almost as much as me)

> If anybody else is interested in this, or is doing this let me know.


Maybe before going too far getting doco down we should get LFS6.0
out the door.

Probably be good to have a few more people hammering on the build
method as well (after people have had a go at testing
LFS6.0 of course ;-) )

Anyhoo Brian, will be in touch :-)


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