Ryan.Oliver at Ryan.Oliver at
Wed Jul 28 23:57:03 PDT 2004

Anderson Lizardo wrote:
> Seriously, is it possible to cross-build from a c library diferent
> from glibc (e.g. dietlibc or uclibc) using this method?

If you mean build an LFS with glibc from a non glibc system,
(say, solaris using suns libc...) yes
The tuples do not have to match at any point.

I'm currently working on trying to get
sparc-sun-solaris2.9 -> biarch x86_64-pc-linux-gnu builds sane.
( Only issues have been due to GNU/BASH-isms which do not work with the
 buildhost native tools )

If you can build binutils on your host system, and you can build gcc,
you should be able to bootstrap glibc and hence LFS chapter 5

If you meant cross-build where target will be running uClibc, dietlibc,
I honestly haven't tried yet... but quite possibly you wouldn't have to
jump through as many hoops as you do getting an NPTL enabled glibc


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